An Insightful History

Investments across the years

Aljariri Group is a growth-focused investment firm, focused on multiple sectors across the globe.​

We invest in the people behind the companies, fueling their growth and success, believing in local sourcing and global scaling.

With a carefully defined strategy, we went ahead with our expansion plans in the UAE. One by one, Aljariri Group has spread across the UAE in various fields, consisting of x companies, including Construction, Real Estate, General Trading, Import and Export, Media Production, Sports Sponsorships and more.

With 1700 employees selected carefully and treatment of the company in a professional manner and harness its full potential to serve customers.

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Creating Bridges

Aljariri Group backs the founders innovating in today's world

Thus we form bridges between what has worked and what can work, creating success stories, scaling them and successfully exiting them


Our Vision and Mission

Aljariri Group creates opportunities for the driven entrepreneurs of today. We are always looking forward to the next big thing by focusing on what will work tomorrow instead of what works today

Keen on continuously upgrading the company and the development of its projects, we do this through a staff with the highest level of professionalism and eagerness

We believe in the saying, The right man in the right place. And so the human element and its continuous development allows us to achieve our goals and vision


Chairman's Message

"With a proud history of almost two decades of experience all around the UAE, other GCC countries and further beyond, Aljariri Group is committed to providing the best possible service and value in any venture.

We are working today for a prosperous tomorrow."

-Mohammed Aljariri, Chairman of Aljariri Group

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