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Sponsoring football academies and events in the heart of the football world, Brazil

Football is in our blood. From this source of endless passion, we have funded a number of football academies in Brazil, training and housing kids who show promise on the pitch. Providing them with a stipend during their growth, we also facilitate their transfer when they manage to go pro.

Futhermore, we have been involved in sponsoring multiple charity events featuring top sports players such as Neyman, Messi, Roberto Carlos and more.


G10 Aljariri Sports

Changing lives, one child at a time

Setting up the academy was a big milestone for Aljariri Group.

With the formation of G10 Aljariri Sports, we are now able to completely house, train, educate and help flourish underprivileged children in the streets of Brazil, providing them with a goal and firing up their motivation to succeed in life.

G10 Aljariri Sports also acts as our hub for pro player transfers and similar contracts

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